• Manta Ambon, a Manta pur sang! 

    The Manta Ambon variety is Manta More in its purest form: averaging over 30 large round flowers beautifully arranged on two long spikes. With an unprecedented shelf life of no fewer than 20 weeks, consumers can enjoy its grace and elegance for a long time.  »

  • Newcomer Willem Ruggenberg introduces himself

    Since March 21 Willem is part of the Anthura team as Sales Support Manager. He is responsible for the sales back office and the document and logistics department, a growing export business and ambitious growth targets. Willem would like to introduce himself... »

  • Saxo is full of music!

    The heart-shaped flowers, the bright colour and the position of the flowers in relation to the leaf are the main features of this beautiful newcomer in the Anthurium pot plants segment. Saxo® is a modern plant that will quickly find its niche and take a prominent place in the assortment. Saxo also performs well on its own. It adds colour and warmth to the room where it can show off its skills.  »

  • An impression of a successful FlowerTrials and AnthuraConnects

    Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming back many international clients during the FlowerTrials. They had the opportunity to get a closer look at our beautiful varieties, novelties and concepts as well as our promising future varieties. »

  • New head office opened for and by Anthura employees

    Friday 22 April, we have proudly opened our new head office together with all our employees. The grand opening took place by raising the special opening flag, fireworks and an opening speech by Iwan and Mark van der Knaapen Marco van Herk. Afterwards, all employees had the chance to explore the new building from the inside and outside and to have a chat while enjoying a snack and a drink. »

  • Positive experiences with the Anthura Arndt wick machine

    In early 2022, the first plugs cultivated with wicks were delivered to our customers. All in all, we are very satisfied with this innovative new method and we see even more opportunities to further improve the quality of our Phalaenopsis plugs with this cultivation method. »

  • Interview with Chen Mingzhang of Xiu Hai in China

    Chen Mingzhang and his wife, founders of the Chinese company Xiuhai, have been cultivating pot plants for 37 years. Chen talks about the developments of his company, his vision for the future and the challenges in today's Chinese market. »

  • Tremendo: heart-shaped and full of passion!

     The huge number of medium-sized red flowers that this plant produces in a short period of time makes Tremendo® a real eye-catcher. The name Tremendo is not without reason, derived from the English word 'tremendous', which means grandiose and awesome.    »

  • Anthura’s Crop Optimization Department

    The crop optimization department focuses primarily on cultivation techniques throughout the chain. From breeding to lab-based propagation, and from growing young plants to cultivation at customers’ facilities, André and Menno advise clients about growth properties of Anthura varieties and crops. »

  • Anthura Sevilla embraces, enchants and seduces

    The Anthura Sevilla variety is named after one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and this splendid Phalaenopsis pot plant is most certainly beautiful. The special floral design embraces, enchants and seduces; Sevilla lives up to its name. It is a real eye-catcher that has immediately claimed its rightful place in the range. »

  • First update new construction 2022

    In this new year, we look forward to the completion of the renovation of our new headquarters on Anthuriumweg. We’re putting in a lot of hard work, but there is still a lot to do. »

  • Anthurinfo from three to ten times a year

    With the world changing so rapidly, there is a compelling need for up-to-date information. Therefore, from now on, Anthurinfo will be published about 10 times a year, featuring up-to-date news and three or four articles per issue. This allows us to better respond to current events in the floriculture sector as well as developments within our company.  »

  • Anthura Modena raises the standard for yellow flowers with a red lip

    Anthura is proud to present the Anthura Modena breed to the general public. This variety has a nice plant structure and produces plenty of flowers and branches, with a high percentage producing three branches. »

  • Interview with Somma Fratelli

    Hans Prins (Account Manager Anthurium) and Andre Lont (Crop Specialist Anthurium) visited Somma Fratelli during their trip to Italy. The company, based in Gragnano (NA), is owned by the four brothers. We talked to the brothers about their company and the development and application of their proprietary tool: Somma Guiding System (SGS). »

  • Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

    We wish you and your family, friends and colleagues, a wonderful holiday season and a successful and above all healthy 2022. »

  • During the FlowerTrials, we open our doors for you!

    Terug van weg geweest, eindelijk! Na drie jaar zetten wij met de FlowerTrials® onze deuren open, waarbij wij veelbelovende rassen, noviteiten en concepten zullen presenteren. Een overvloed aan orchideeën en anthurium worden in onze showkas gepresenteerd.  »

  • Graciosa represents long-term enjoyment of a fresh and stylish flower

    The Anthurium cut flower assortment has gained a beautiful white Anthurium. Graciosa® lives up to its name with its lovely, enchanting look. The association with the word gracious is obvious: stylish and graceful. The green and white spadix completes the picture. »

  • Witamy na Targach Royal FloraHolland!

    From 3 to 5 November we would like to welcome you at our stand 21.8 in hall 1 at the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. Here we present a top selection of novelties, introductions and concepts of Phalaenopsis and Anthurium pot plants, Anthurium cut flowers, Cambria and Zygopetalum. »

  • #Anthura news

    Our new product catalogues of Anthurium pot plants, Anthurium cut flowers and Phalaenopsis are online! And read more about the construction. »

  • In conversation with Sander Smeding – Kunming Anthura

    In 2006, Anthura opened a production site of Anthurium pot plants in China. Kunming Anthura Horticulture Ltd. is located in Songming, near Kunming. In 2008, Managing Director Sander Smeding moved to China to manage and further develop the company. »

  • Interview with Anthuriana Dominicana

    Patrick Vez is one of Anthura’s first growers and he still is. With a total surface of 8 hectares of greenhouses and shade houses, Anthuriana Dominicana produces millions of plants and flowers every year. We spoke with Patrick about his company in the Caribbean, its history, the current situation and the future. »

  • Meet Mareen Bogerd

    Since 1 December 2020, Mareen Bogerd has been the new Marketing and Product Management Manager. Her interest in the other side of the chain, the appeal of the green sector, and the chance to use her retail experience were the reasons for her to switch from retail to Anthura, a breeding company. »

  • Interview with the International Trade and Logistics department

    Every day tens of thousands of plants are shipped to dozens of countries in and outside Europe. This involves tight planning and organization and good cooperation with organizations such as Naktuinbouw and forwarding agents. A shipment requires the right documents and good coordination, both internally and with the customer. This work takes place in the International Trade and Logistics department, which consists of two employees. »

  • Micra gives extra colour to the assortment 'Small the next BIG thing’

    The newest red pot Anthurium added to the assortment is called Micra®. As its name suggests, Micra is small, but its performance is BIG! This compact plant with red heart-shaped flowers is small but strong and both cold- and heat-tolerant. »

  • Bring a touch of authentic Italian life into your home with Bolgheri

    The new Bolgheri variety brings a touch of authentic Italian life into your home: the variety smells slightly sweet when the sun shines on it, has a warm orange colour and abundant branches. »

  • Minnesota shines like a superstar

     A pleasure for the eye. That's Minnesota®, which is named after the North Star State of America. The state that is cited time after time as having the highest quality of life. »

  • Small the next BIG thing

    We are witnessing a worldwide shift from larger to smaller pot sizes. After strong growth in the 9 cm pot segment in recent years, the pot sizes of 6 cm and 7 cm are now also gaining popularity. This also applies to Orchids and Anthuriums. »

  • Visit our show greenhouse online

    Our show greenhouse is open for visits by appointment, but such a visit is no longer self-evident. We have come up with something: the show greenhouse is coming to you! »

  • Anthura is Gold Rose winner at the International Grower of the Year Award 2020

    Anthura is declared to Gold Rose Winner at the International Grower of the Year Awards 2020. From all the winners of each category they are the overall winner and win the most prestigious award of the event. In addition Anthura has won the ‘Young plants gold’ award in the category young plants as well as the ‘Sustainability gold award’ in the category sustainability. »

  • Anthura is nominated for the ‘International Grower of the Year’ Award 2020

    Anthura is nominated for the prestigious International Grower of the Year Award in the category ‘young plants’. On Tuesday, January 28 2020, at the IPM in Essen, Germany, the winner will be announced. Ten companies from eight different countries in four categories have reached the final. »

  • Nowe Centrum Badawcze

    W Centrum Badawczym zostało wybudowane nowe, większe laboratorium do przeprowadzanie testów nad chorobami i szkodnikami. Laboratorium molekularne ma także możliwość rozbudowy w przyszłości. »

  • Prawdziwe dzieło sztuki!

    W najbliższych tygodniach zostanie zaprezentowana roślina doniczkowa anturium o nazwie Livium®. Firma Stolk Brothers przedstawi tę imponującą nową odmianę anturium na Targach Royal FloraHolland na początku listopada. Szczegóły kampanii są na razie owiane tajemnicą, ale logo uchyla jej rąbka. »

  • His Majesty King the Netherlands will attend Anthura’s 80th anniversary

    On the occasion of our 80th jubilee we organize a unique event on behalf of our relations: the Anthura relation event. »

  • 80th anniversary

    Anthura proudly celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2018. »

  • Proud of our 5th place in the 'Hillenraad100′

    Only one percent of the enterprises in the Dutch agriculture industry is quoted in the Hillenraad100. We are proud of  our 5th place in de Hillenraad100. Anthura is highly rated in terms of strategic power, professionalism and potential. »