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Naima Fatih introduces herself…

Since June, I have been working as a documents and logistics employee. After having worked as a shipping agent for over 13 years, it was time for a new challenge. I wanted a position at the other side of the logistics chain and so I ended up at Anthura. 

As a documents and logistics employee, I ensure together with my colleagues that all orders leave on time every week with the correct documentation for road transport, air and sea freight.  

It is a varied job where no one week is the same. You never know what surprises will come your way. The combination of, among other things, a live product with a large sales area and the current situation in the world in terms of transport, make this job challenging every day, and that’s what I like about it. 

A whole new world is opening up to me here and I am learning every day while putting my knowledge of logistics to good use. I have already had plenty of contact with customers and hopefully I will be able to meet everyone in person in the future.