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First update new construction 2022

In this new year, we look forward to the completion of the renewal of our headquarters on the Anthuriumweg. We are putting in a lot of hard work, but there is still a lot to do.

For a few weeks now, the black plastic cube has been changing back into a building that is starting to look like an office. Almost all the concrete vertical elements have been installed and recently, after a long wait, the first green window frames; these are very important to be able to finish everything inside.

The new stairs to the first floor are in place. On the first floor, all the metal stud walls have been installed and plastered and the floor has been levelled. In the coming weeks, the climate ceiling will be installed and the steel painted.  

The ground floor is still a little behind; here the last walls still need to be sealed and not everything has been plastered yet. Nevertheless, the floor has also been levelled here. After that, all the exterior frames will be installed so the floors and walls can be finished. Finally, all the inner glass partitions will be installed, which automatically divide all the rooms.

Restaurant and presentation area
The company restaurant and presentation room have been moved out of the head office and will be completely renovated in the existing greenhouse area. We hope to be able to use the facilities in March.

Outdoor area
On the visitors’ side, the outdoor area will be ready for completion from the end of February. The top layer of asphalt still needs to be laid, after which the trees can be installed. The planting will be the finishing touch. The terrace in front of the restaurant will be laid as soon as the outer frames are in place.

Construction is expected to be completed in April and, after delivery of the furniture, the workstations will be connected. We’re looking forward to moving into a completely renovated office. We hope to welcome you here soon!

The show greenhouse has always remained open and can be visited daily by appointment.