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Anthura takes over Bromeliad breeding activities of Handelskwekerij van der Velden

Anthura and Handelskwekerij van der Velden have reached a binding agreement whereby Anthura will take over the Bromeliad breeding activities and young plant production of seed and tissue culture varieties of Handelskwekerij van der Velden.

Handelskwekerij van der Velden will focus on the production of young plants from cuttings of Bromeliads, and will specialise in the green plant market.

Mark and Iwan van der Knaap, both Directors of Anthura, confirm that this takeover fits into the picture of their company, which specialises in long-life tropical floricultural plants. Tropical ornamental plants not only have a long shelf life, but also grow in semi-shade locations, thus optimising use in both the office and at home. This dovetails perfectly with the drive to make the world more beautiful and to let everyone – anywhere – enjoy Anthurium and Orchids and now Bromeliads as well!

Handelskwekerij van der Velden’s years of experience will not be lost, according to Sjef van der Velden, and will be further optimised by Anthura’s specialist knowledge.

„This tropical Bromeliad is a welcome addition to our Anthurium and Orchid range. With this we can strengthen our position in the floriculture sector and it will certainly increase our appeal when serving the global market. Given our specialist knowledge we can further expand the beautiful Bromeliad assortment of Handelskwekerij van der Velden,” explains Commercial Director Marco van Herk.

Marco van Herk, Sjef van der Velden and Iwan van der Knaap