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The new sophisticated red ‘Rambla’

This fall is marked by the market introduction of Rambla®, a new red cut Anthurium that enriches the assortment. It is a versatile flower with the perfect shade of red. The variety takes its name from Barcelona’s vibrant Rambla with its lively character, attractive terraces and international appeal. 

Radiant, warm and versatile
This versatile, cold-tolerant flower with its chic look is a great way to make a statement. This radiant, warm red cut Anthurium feels at home anywhere, from a classic arrangement to a contemporary pick-your-own bouquet.  

It is important that this new red cut Anthurium becomes more widely known as soon as possible. Therefore, Rambla will be introduced extensively in the chain. For example, in the course of September there will be a unique Rambla design on an auction box, in which the flowers will be traded. This increases visibility in the wholesale market and it is immediately clear to florists that this is a new and strong variety. Furthermore, Rambla has its own logo, there is a flyer available with information about the flower and its characteristics, and in September we will be visiting exporters to draw the requisite attention to Rambla. 

In the Netherlands, Rambla is grown and traded by Anthogether, who will market the first flowers in September. Anthogether Bouman Anthuriums, a member of Anthogether, is working together with Anthura on the campaign to make Rambla a fixed asset in the assortment as soon as possible. In time, other growers will follow with this Anthurium cut flower. 

Rambla stands out for its good production figures and excellent crop features. This flower can be packed easily in a box and the production figures, according to the tests at Anthura, are good; the tested vase life of more than 30 days guarantees long-term enjoyment! 

 Anthura is committed to making Rambla widely available. Ask your account manager about the possibilities for growing this versatile and colourful new cut Anthurium.