I nostri eventi

  • Out with the old, in with the new!

    It is finally here! We are proud to announce that we are about to write a new chapter in our history. In recent months, together with colleagues, customers and partners, we have dived deep into our core and reflected on our essence. In a constantly changing world, we are determined to keep evolving and innovating for a positive impact on the world. This has led to a sharpening of our strategy. The rebranding reflects this. »

  • Delicata: ‘a one-of-a-kind pot Anthurium’

    As distinctly dark as the leaves of Delicata®, there hasn't been one until now. The dark green, almost black leaves of this plant, together with the dark red coloured flowers, create a botanical and 'delicate' look. A graceful and refined plant that fits the current botanical trend.  »

  • Interview with Nara Horticultural Co., Ltd.

    Nara Horticultural Co. Ltd has been Anthura's distributor in South Korea for more than 20 years. They are the market leader in the ornamental plants segment by covering a nationwide distribution channel. Furthermore, they have embarked on on- and offline retail business combined with a bakery café that promotes an atmosphere that enhances the overall customer experience. Time for an interview! »

  • Roy Verstappen introduces himself

    Roy joined us as a Sales Support employee. Together with the account managers, he informs and advises our customers about our products and services. With this current market, it has become even more important to support the customer with strong plants, knowledge and expertise. That is also what makes this job so challenging for him.  »

  • Laura Roodzant introduces herself…

    Laura started working with Anthura as a Sales Support employee for Phalaenopsis. Now she has been offered the chance to take on the role of account manager. She will mainly be involved in selling our Phalaenopsis varieties to our customers in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. »

  • Anthura Bologna: irresistible!

    The Anthura Bologna variety boasts a deep orange colour that is unprecedented by Phalaenopsis standards! This shines a spotlight on the Bologna breed and attracts plenty of attention. Walking past the variety without noticing it is impossible: Bologna is simply irresistible! »

  • Interview with Debbie Olsthoorn, Anthuriuminfo

    Since February this year, Debbie Olsthoorn has taken over from Claudia Broch as Marketing Manager at Anthurium Promotion Foundation. With the aim of further developing her skills, she took up a new challenge in marketing at the Anthurium Promotion Foundation. A challenging position that she is delighted to fulfil. »

  • Collaboration with Master Florist and Flower Circus

    To highlight our Anthurium cut flowers in the chain, we have been working with Master Florist and Flower Circus for years. They connect breeders, growers and florists and inform and inspire florists and flower professionals around the world. They often use our varieties in the process. An impression of colourful and contemporary arrangements, flower arrangements and bouquets, of which our flowers are a part. »

  • Anthura takes over Bromeliad breeding activities of Handelskwekerij van der Velden

    Anthura and Handelskwekerij van der Velden have reached a binding agreement whereby Anthura will take over the Bromeliad breeding activities and young plant production of seed and tissue culture varieties of Handelskwekerij van der Velden. »

  • Interview with Claudia Broch, Orchid Ambassador in the Netherlands

    After being an ambassador for Anthurium for almost six years, I am part of the Orchidee Nederland team since January to promote the beautiful Orchids. I want to ensure that the Orchid is seen as the carefree plant to take your interior to a higher level! »

  • The new sophisticated red ‘Rambla’

    Check out this versatile and cold tolerant flower with a chic look. This radiant and warm red Anthurium cut flower feels at home in any bouquet or arrangement, from classic to contemporary picking bouquets. »

  • Naima Fatih introduces herself…

    Since June, I have been working as a documents and logistics employee. After having worked as a shipping agent for over 13 years, it was time for a new challenge. I wanted a position at the other side of the logistics chain and so I ended up at Anthura.  »

  • How are our new Sales Managers Gert and Richard doing?  

    Gert Hoogendoorn and Richard Smit have been working as Sales Managers for a year now. A year in which an awful lot has been going on: high energy prices, high inflation, and the war in Ukraine are putting pressure on sales in Europe and the changed political situations in a number of countries in South America also play a role. As a result, our sales department continually adjusts and thinks constructively along in order to provide the best possible service to our customers. We met with Gert (orchids) and Richard (Anthurium) to find out how they have been doing in the past year.  »

  • Dedicated to your future

    From 9-11 November, the annual Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair will take place, where you can find us in stand 7.28. We face the future with confidence and are looking forward to this fair, despite the situation in our sector and in the world. »

  • Kunming Anthura Open Days a huge success

    At the show greenhouse in Songming, more than 60 commercial pot Anthurium varieties and more than 170 commercial pot Phalaenopsis varieties were displayed. In addition to these new varieties, visitors could also check out the different appearances of our products. »

  • A conversation with Hanneke Frankema

    Floral Designer Hanneke Frankema won the European Flower Design Championship in Poland at the end of August! In the three-day competition, she had to compete with 15 other florists from Europe. A few weeks after the competition, we spoke to Hanneke about her participation and in particular her love for cut Anthuriums. »

  • Interview with Sitio Kolibri

    Dutch immigrants Theo and Lisette Breg started the company Sítio Kolibri in 1989 in the city of Holambra, Brazil. Today, their daughters Gabriela and Regina run the company together with their husbands. We talk with Gabriela and Regina about the company, its developments, and the future. »

  • Saxo is full of music!

    The heart-shaped flowers, the bright colour and the position of the flowers in relation to the leaf are the main features of this beautiful newcomer in the Anthurium pot plants segment. Saxo® is a modern plant that will quickly find its niche and take a prominent place in the assortment. Saxo also performs well on its own. It adds colour and warmth to the room where it can show off its skills.  »

  • Manta Ambon, a Manta pur sang! 

    The Manta Ambon variety is Manta More in its purest form: averaging over 30 large round flowers beautifully arranged on two long spikes. With an unprecedented shelf life of no fewer than 20 weeks, consumers can enjoy its grace and elegance for a long time.  »

  • An impression of a successful FlowerTrials and AnthuraConnects

    Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming back many international clients during the FlowerTrials. They had the opportunity to get a closer look at our beautiful varieties, novelties and concepts as well as our promising future varieties. »

  • Interview with Chen Mingzhang of Xiu Hai in China

    Chen Mingzhang and his wife, founders of the Chinese company Xiuhai, have been cultivating pot plants for 37 years. Chen talks about the developments of his company, his vision for the future and the challenges in today's Chinese market. »

  • Positive experiences with the Anthura Arndt wick machine

    In early 2022, the first plugs cultivated with wicks were delivered to our customers. All in all, we are very satisfied with this innovative new method and we see even more opportunities to further improve the quality of our Phalaenopsis plugs with this cultivation method. »

  • New head office opened for and by Anthura employees

    Friday 22 April, we have proudly opened our new head office together with all our employees. The grand opening took place by raising the special opening flag, fireworks and an opening speech by Iwan and Mark van der Knaapen Marco van Herk. Afterwards, all employees had the chance to explore the new building from the inside and outside and to have a chat while enjoying a snack and a drink. »

  • Meet Jos Akerboom

    Over a month ago, Jos Akerboom joined our sales team as Account Manager Central and South America. He will be responsible for the sales of Anthuriums and Phalaenopsis. »

  • Intervista Somma Fratelli

    Hans Prins (Account Manager Anthurium) and Andre Lont (Crop Specialist Anthurium) visited Somma Fratelli during their trip to Italy. The company, based in Gragnano (NA), is owned by the four brothers. We talked to the brothers about their company and the development and application of their proprietary tool: Somma Guiding System (SGS). »

  • Tremendo: heart-shaped and full of passion!

     The huge number of medium-sized red flowers that this plant produces in a short period of time makes Tremendo® a real eye-catcher. The name Tremendo is not without reason, derived from the English word 'tremendous', which means grandiose and awesome.    »

  • Anthura’s Crop Optimization Department

    The crop optimization department focuses primarily on cultivation techniques throughout the chain. From breeding to lab-based propagation, and from growing young plants to cultivation at customers’ facilities, André and Menno advise clients about growth properties of Anthura varieties and crops. »

  • Anthura Sevilla embraces, enchants and seduces

    The Anthura Sevilla variety is named after one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and this splendid Phalaenopsis pot plant is most certainly beautiful. The special floral design embraces, enchants and seduces; Sevilla lives up to its name. It is a real eye-catcher that has immediately claimed its rightful place in the range. »

  • Primo aggiornamento nuova costruzione 2022

    In questo nuovo anno, attendiamo con impazienza il completamento del rinnovo della nostra nuova sede su Anthuriumweg. Stiamo lavorando molto, ma c'è ancora molto da fare. »

  • Anthurinfo da tre a dieci volte l’anno

    Nel corso degli anni si è evoluto con i tempi e il suo contenuto, l'aspetto, la frequenza e il formato sono stati regolarmente adattati alle esigenze e ai desideri dei nostri clienti e di altri contatti. Nel 2021, Anthurinfo è stata pubblicata tre volte come rivista digitale con una varietà di articoli e inviata a migliaia di contatti in tutto il mondo. »

  • La varietà Modena eleva nuovamente lo standard per i fiori gialli con il labbro rosso

    Anthura è orgogliosa di presentare al grande pubblico la varietà Anthura Modena. Questa varietà ha una bella struttura vegetale e produce molti fiori e rami, con un'alta percentuale di tre rami. »

  • Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

    We wish you and your family, friends and colleagues, a wonderful holiday season and a successful and above all healthy 2022. »

  • Le nuove varietà meritano i riflettori

    Per decenni, sono state lanciate sul mercato nuove varietà e i riflettori puntati sulle novità in occasione di fiere e open day hanno garantito che ricevessero la giusta attenzione. Poi, dopo che i coltivatori proponevano le nuove varietà all’asta e la notizia si diffondeva rapidamente con il passaparola, in poco tempo tutti erano a conoscenza del nuovo fiore o della pianta. »

  • Solar panel project in North Macedonia

    In March the solar panels in North Macedonia went into operation, so we can now produce our own energy. We are pleased with this outcome, as it has taken some time to get to where we are now. »

  • Sfumature di colore attraenti: Ritma e Melito

    Cosa hanno in comune l'Anthurium rosa da vaso Melito® e l'Anthurium rosso da vaso Ritma®? La colorazione tono su tono di spadice e brattee.  »