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New head office opened for and by Anthura employees

Friday 22 April, we have proudly opened our new head office together with all our employees. The grand opening took place by raising the special opening flag, fireworks and an opening speech by Iwan and Mark van der Knaap en Marco van Herk. Afterwards, all employees had the chance to explore the new building from the inside and outside and to have a chat while enjoying a snack and a drink.

Ready for the future
After the opening of the research centre in 2019, Anthura is ready for the future with its new office at the Anthuriumweg in Bleiswijk. The office gives us the opportunity to host clients, educational institutions, stakeholders and other visitors in both small and large groups. The office is equipped to tell the ‘story of Anthura’ as well as possible.  Visitors will get an insight into the breeding and growth of Anthurium and Phalaenopsis plants and the innovation and technology involved. The connection with nature, family history and future developments are other highlights.

Once the final touches have been completed, the staff will be able to move in during May. Everyone will then literally be sitting in his or her seat again. We will be delighted to welcome you to the new head office!