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Delicata: ‘a one-of-a-kind pot Anthurium’

Some pot Anthurium varieties have a different leaf colour, but so far there has not been one as distinctly dark as the leaf of Delicata®. The dark green, almost black, leaves of this plant, together with its dark red flowers, create a delicate botanical look. A graceful, refined plant that reflects current trends. This plant can rightly be called ‘one of a kind’ due to the special colour of both the flowers and the leaves. The gloss on the leaf enhances its ornamental value.

Delicata is suitable for the 14 and 17 cm pot sizes and grows into a high-volume plant. In warm growing conditions, this pot Anthurium retains its leaf and flower colour well.

The fact that Delicata has pulling power was evident at the FloraHolland Trade Fair at the beginning of November in Aalsmeer (NL). There was plenty of interest from the visiting public, including many florists and traders.

In case you unexpectedly missed Delicata, ask your account manager about the options.