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  • How are our new Sales Managers Gert and Richard doing?  

    Gert Hoogendoorn and Richard Smit have been working as Sales Managers for a year now. A year in which an awful lot has been going on: high energy prices, high inflation, and the war in Ukraine are putting pressure on sales in Europe and the changed political situations in a number of countries in South America also play a role. As a result, our sales department continually adjusts and thinks constructively along in order to provide the best possible service to our customers. We met with Gert (orchids) and Richard (Anthurium) to find out how they have been doing in the past year.  »

  • Naima Fatih introduces herself…

    Since June, I have been working as a documents and logistics employee. After having worked as a shipping agent for over 13 years, it was time for a new challenge. I wanted a position at the other side of the logistics chain and so I ended up at Anthura.  »

  • The new sophisticated red ‘Rambla’

    Check out this versatile and cold tolerant flower with a chic look. This radiant and warm red Anthurium cut flower feels at home in any bouquet or arrangement, from classic to contemporary picking bouquets. »

  • Interview with Claudia Broch, Orchid Ambassador in the Netherlands

    After being an ambassador for Anthurium for almost six years, I am part of the Orchidee Nederland team since January to promote the beautiful Orchids. I want to ensure that the Orchid is seen as the carefree plant to take your interior to a higher level! »

  • An impression of a successful FlowerTrials and AnthuraConnects

    Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming back many international clients during the FlowerTrials. They had the opportunity to get a closer look at our beautiful varieties, novelties and concepts as well as our promising future varieties. »

  • Manta Ambon, a Manta pur sang! 

    The Manta Ambon variety is Manta More in its purest form: averaging over 30 large round flowers beautifully arranged on two long spikes. With an unprecedented shelf life of no fewer than 20 weeks, consumers can enjoy its grace and elegance for a long time.  »

  • Newcomer Willem Ruggenberg introduces himself

    Since March 21 Willem is part of the Anthura team as Sales Support Manager. He is responsible for the sales back office and the document and logistics department, a growing export business and ambitious growth targets. Willem would like to introduce himself... »

  • Saxo is full of music!

    The heart-shaped flowers, the bright colour and the position of the flowers in relation to the leaf are the main features of this beautiful newcomer in the Anthurium pot plants segment. Saxo® is a modern plant that will quickly find its niche and take a prominent place in the assortment. Saxo also performs well on its own. It adds colour and warmth to the room where it can show off its skills.  »

  • Solar panel project in North Macedonia

    In March the solar panels in North Macedonia went into operation, so we can now produce our own energy. We are pleased with this outcome, as it has taken some time to get to where we are now. »

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