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  • Reginald Cory Memorial Cup for Nic van der Knaap

    On Wednesday, February 22th Nic van der Knaap has been awarded the Reginald Cory Memorial Cup during the RHS Awards Ceremony in London. It's an annual lifetime achievement award from the Royal Horticultural Society (R.H.S.) for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the production of new hybrids. »

  • Stellenbosch and Pretoria: two colourful appearances

    When buying a flowering plant, the consumer is influenced by several factors. The most determining purchase factor is the colour of the flowers. »

  • Mexican enthusiasm for Orchids and Anthurium

    Each year at the beginning of November the largest agricultural fair in Mexico takes place, called the Expo Agro Alimentaria. This trade fair is organized in the city of Irapuato, in the state of Guanajuato. »

  • Amigo Improved

    A cut flower that’s easy to make friends with, perhaps even your new BFF (best friend forever). »

  • Interview with Gerben van Giessen about Undrcover

    In 2015, Butterfly Orchids introduced the water buffer system Undrcover® on the Royal Flora Holland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. Now, more than a year later, we are interested to hear about his experiences with Undrcover. »

  • Mystique, the mysterious newcomer

    This double-coloured pot Anthurium has an appropriate name. The variety has something mysterious about it, and this is mainly thanks to its flowers. »

  • Lilli is a five star worthy Anthurium

    Lilli® is 5 star worthy. It is a perfect match; Anthurium Lilli and the 5-star hotel Baur au Lac in Zürich (Switzerland). »

  • Start of Garden Orchid season

    It is cold outside; in Holland, the breeding home of the Garden Orchid, the temperature was below freezing for days. Garden Orchid is not frightened by these temperatures; this orchid easily defies the ice cold days of minus 15 degrees Celsius. »

  • Cold tolerance is a hot topic

    An Anthurium has its origin in the tropics and prefers temperatures of at least 15 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, there are also Anthurium which ar not scared of a little bit of cold. »

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