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Our events

  • First edition Anthura Unlimited

    We present the first digital edition of Anthura Unlimited, an informative and richly-illustrated online magazine for specialists in the horticultural sector. »

  • Anthurium in flower arrangements of Gregor Lersch

    Flower designer Gregor Lersch gave a five-day seminar to a big group of professional flower artists from June 1st - June 5. Anthurium cut flower Terrasol played the leading part during those days. »

  • Meet us at the Flower Trials

    During the Flower Trials you will experience the world of Orchids and Anthurium from different points of view. The range of products we present match the different needs and wishes of consumers, growers, trade and retail worldwide. »

  • Take part in the Ride for the Roses 2017 in Lansingerland, the Netherlands

    Anthura will also be taking part with a team and as a relation you can be part of it! Register now and get riding on 3September together with other colleagues from the Anthura starting area. »

  • Zizou®, our French champion

    Zizou® is frivolous and small in stature. This Anthurium plant has purple, ligulate/ribbon-shaped flowers and excels in small pot sizes (7, 9 cm and 12 cm) and can be found in the ‘Small is the next Big thing’ assortment. »

  • Close to perfection!

    The standards for the introduction of new varieties in the white colour group are very high. A new white variety should be an improvement in many technical respects compared to the existing varieties in the market, and it should also have the right ‘looks’ to be appreciated by everyone. »

  • Interview with Anthurium nursery Wijnen

    In Holland, we have to deal increasingly with extreme weather conditions. Nearly a year ago, the Anthurium greenhouse of Joan and Nancy Wijnen was badly hit by severe summer weather. We spoke with Joan and Nancy Wijnen about the impact and the consequences of these damages, about more than 30 years of growing Anthuriums, and […] »

  • Kaseko sounds like music to your ears!

    Kaseko® is a musical form that sprouted from New Orleans Jazz, combined with South American music and Calypso. »

  • California Spring Trials

    When thinking of California you probably imagine Hollywood, the Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco, the hills of Beverly Hills and the sea lions along the coast. The third largest state of the United States, with the country’s highest population, is also the scene of the annual California Spring Trials, the biggest event in the […] »

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