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  • The July edition of the Anthurinfo is published!

    After a few turbulent and uncertain months we have entered somewhat calmer waters. This new reality requires adaptability and flexibility. This also creates new initiatives, such as our webinar AnthuraNXT goes digital as an alternative to the AnthuraNXT event »

  • Visit our show greenhouse online

    Our show greenhouse is open for visits by appointment, but such a visit is no longer self-evident. We have come up with something: the show greenhouse is coming to you! »

  • We do everything possible against aphids

    In some cases, customers at home and abroad have to work with products from Anthura for as many as 30 weeks before they go to the end market. It is therefore extremely important that the product they receive is healthy and clean. »

  • The new Anthurinfo is published!

    The first signs of spring are a fact and our novelties, the elegant Anthura Warsaw and lovely Joli® Pulse, fit in perfectly! The March edition also pays attention to physiological abnormalities, CupGrade and the difference we can make in the market by working together. And there is more.... »

  • Anthura donates 30,000 masks to healthcare institution Laurens

    With a targeted throw to bridge the necessary 1.5 meters, Iwan van der Knaap - director Anthura - has handed over 30,000 masks to Rop Spanjaard, Managing director Facility Services & Real Estate at Laurens. »

  • Anthura nominated for ‘Koning Willem 1’ Award

    On Monday, March 2nd Anthura is nominated for the biennial 'Koning Willem I' Award SME (King William I Award SME, named after King Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands) at the nomination-event of the Koning Willem I Foundation. »

  • Anthura is Gold Rose winner at the International Grower of the Year Award 2020

    Anthura is declared to Gold Rose Winner at the International Grower of the Year Awards 2020. »

  • Anthura is nominated for the ‘International Grower of the Year’ Award 2020

    Anthura is nominated for the prestigious International Grower of the Year Award in the category ‘young plants’. On Tuesday, January 28 2020, at the IPM in Essen, Germany, the winner will be announced. Ten companies from eight different countries in four categories have reached the final. »

  • New Research Centre

    A new, larger laboratory has been built in the Research Centre to test for diseases and pests. The molecular laboratory has the potential to expand in the future. The new location is also equipped for the breeding of smaller crops such as exclusive orchids and garden orchid. »

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