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Our events

  • Aroha, celebrating the power of love

    In Maori, the language of the Maoris in New Zealand, the meaning of Aroha® is: love. This lovely Anthurium pot plant for small pot sizes takes its name from this. The red colour of the flowers is strong and older flowers hardly fade at all. »

  • Expansion Anthura Arndt in Germany

    At Anthura Arndt in Germany, we have started a 1.3-hectare greenhouse expansion. In mid-2024, this section will be put into use for our Phalaenopsis young plants. »

  • Wind chill – What about the perceived temperature of a plant?

    What is the wind chill temperature of the prevailing greenhouse climate for the plant, how does the plant grow under those conditions and is it equivalent to the previous time with the same measured greenhouse climate? All questions that we address. »

  • Out with the old, in with the new!

    It is finally here! We are proud to announce that we are about to write a new chapter in our history. In recent months, together with colleagues, customers and partners, we have dived deep into our core and reflected on our essence. In a constantly changing world, we are determined to keep evolving and innovating for a positive impact on the world. This has led to a sharpening of our strategy. The rebranding reflects this. »

  • Iconic flowers with white stripes, Livium Orange

    The Anthurium Livium® series is recognizable by its iconic white striped flowers. The bracts look as if a pinstripe has been applied with paint. Livium® Orange is an extension of the Livium®, colour palette. The white veins are clearly visible on the bright orange flowers. »

  • The wine-red Anthura Chamonix

    The small-flowered Chamonix has something charming, just like the picturesque Chamonix in France. This versatile potted Phalaenopsis has flowers in a deep, wine-red colour. »

  • Interview with Houchih Lin from Royal Base in Taiwan

    Royal Base Corporation, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, has its farm located in Changhua County, central Taiwan. The company specializes in the breeding of Phalaenopsis varieties and producing Orchid tissue culture and young plants. »

  • Interview with Arien van Vliet from Brazil

    Van Vliet Anturios, based in Brazil, grows Anthurium pot plants. Arien van Vliet is owner and director and we spoke about how his company deals with sustainability, sales, personnel and cultivation. We further discuss our cooperation and his challenges for the future, which he faces with confidence. »

  • Banderola, a wave of flowers

    As breeders, we envision the future of flowers. The Banderola® series, a graceful and refined anthurium collection, is our answer to the generation of tomorrow. These exquisite plants, with their ribbon-like flowers and harmonious leaves, produce a wave of beauty. From the passionate Banderola® Roja to the elegant Banderola® Cava and the warm Banderola® Lava, there's a perfect choice for any occasion. »

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