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Our story

Anthura specializes in Orchids and Anthurium. We decorate the world with colourful flowers and plants, by developing innovative and sustainable products for growers and consumers. With the assistance of a highly motivated team of professionals, we translate developments in breeding and production techniques and consumer trends into new varieties.

Innovation and sustainability play a central role in the way we work and think. We develop new cultivation techniques on your behalf to achieve the most efficient possible production and sales process of Orchids and Anthuriums.

You can admire the extensive range of Orchids and Anthuriums in the colourful setting of our showroom in Bleiswijk. There we have paid special attention to promising novelties. Those promising varieties come directly from our breeding department to the showroom for you to evaluate them. This way, you can focus at an early stage on the numerous options for composing an assortment that is completely tailored to your market and needs. Our area managers will be delighted to assist you personally in making the right variety choice.

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