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Anthura delivers young plant material to more than 70 countries around the world. Hundreds of growers on several continents are growing Anthurium and orchids. Millions of consumers buy our flowers and plants every day. Anthura varieties are not only sent around the world from the Netherlands. There are also production sites in Germany, North Macedonia and China.

Anthura Arndt, Germany

Anthura Arndt is located in Germany and has a production area of 11 hectares. The company is fully focused on the efficient production of young Phalaenopsis plant material.

Anthura MK, North Macedonia

Anthura MK is located in Kochani, in North Macedonia. Anhura MK has a laboratory for the propagation of Phalaenopsis young plants and Anthurium young plants. The laboratory produces high quality tissue culture material.

Anthura Kunming, China

Anthura Kunming is established in Songming, near Kunming, China. Kunming is the capital of Yunnan province and has a longstanding agricultural tradition. The company grows young plants in modern greenhouse complexes and has its own laboratory.