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Young plants

The key factor for the optimal start to your cultivation process is strong and healthy young plants. Therefore, Anthura delivers strong young plants that are compatible with increasingly innovative cultivation methods.

Anthura grows young plants under strict hygienic conditions. As a precautionary measure, plants are tested on a regular basis for symptoms of diseases and pests in our own plant pathological laboratory. Furthermore, Anthura is certified as the sole supplier of Elite® Anthurium plants.

The young plant material is delivered in several product types (plant sizes).

  • Orchid

    Anthura only delivers young Phalaenopsis plants originating from meristems. Meristems are uniform, so there are fewer differences in growth duration, number of spikes per plant and plant height. Furthermore, there is less risk of plant loss.

    The young plants are delivered in plastic containers (tissue culture) and in plugs. The first growing phase of tissue culture requires special conditions. The plants in the containers are checked upon delivery for a suitable leaf/root ratio.

    The advantage of the larger plants in plugs is the lower risk of losing plants in the first growing phase and the reduction of the growth period by 5-7 months when compared to the tissue culture plants. Anthura delivers most varieties of plugs in trays of 60 plants. Before the plants are potted in plugs, they are sorted according to size to ensure trays with uniform plant material. These larger plants can be immediately transplanted after sorting.

    • Tissue culture

      Leaf span (distance between leaf tips): 5-8 cm
      Finished plant after approximately: 17 months
      Plants per container: depending on variety
      Product type: VLT

    • Young plants in plugs

      Leaf span (distance between leaf tips): 10-14 cm
      Finished plant after approximately: 11 months
      Plants per tray: 60
      Product type: VSPL

  • Anthurium pot

    The single plug PP1L is the youngest plant offered by Anthura. The shipping costs of plugs are low due to their small size. Plugs must be grown in a 7 cm pot for 4 months, for example. After 3 months, the plant will reach a size of approximately 10-18 cm and the plant will be strong enough to be grown in the final pot (larger than 14 cm).

    If the final pot has a diameter of 12 cm or less, two single plugs can be transplanted directly into the final pot. Growers with good cultivation possibilities often prefer this plant size. The larger plant size, the 6 or  7 cm pot, is ideal for growers who prefer not to grow the plugs themselves. This plant can be transplanted directly into the final pot.

    Anthura supplies all pot Anthurium plugs (PP1L) as a single plug and 6 cm (6PP2) and 7 cm (7PP2) pots with two plants per plug. The two plants produce both cuttings and flowers. The advantage of two plants per plug is that in a short time the grower obtains a full bushy plant with a lot of flowers.

    • Plug

      Plant height: 6-11 cm
      Plants per plug: 1
      Product type: PP1L (plug) with 90 in 180-hole tray

    • 6 cm Plugs

      Plant height: 10-15 cm
      Plants per 6 cm plug: 2
      Product type: 6PP2 (6cm plug) in 28-hole tray

    • 7 cm Plugs

      Plant height: 12-20 cm
      Plants per 7 cm plug: 2
      Product type: 7PP2 (7cm plug) in 18-hole tray

  • Anthurium cut flower

    For the Anthurium cut flower cultivation, Anthura delivers starting material in two plant sizes.

    The plug is the youngest plant Anthura has to offer. The shipping costs of plugs are low due to their small size. The plants have to be kept in a 9 cm pot for at least 4 months. After 4 months the plant has reached a size of approximately 20-25 cm and will be strong enough to be planted in the growing bed.
    The second size, a 20-25 cm plant, is the most requested plant size thanks to the shipping volume and the flowering time. For those who want to get started quickly with the production of flowers, this plant size is ideal. The plants can be planted directly in the growing bed and will produce the first flowers within 4-5 months.

    • Plugs

      Plant height: 7-12 cm
      Flowers after approximately: 8-9 months
      Plants per plug: 1
      Product type: SP1

    • Anthurium cut flower pot 20-25cm


      Plant height: 20-25 cm
      Flowers after approximately: 4-5 months
      Plants per 9 cm pot: 1
      Product type: 201

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