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Do you need extra information on certain subjects, do you enjoy reading certain information again at your leisure or do you prefer to consult reference works?

Across our website you will find all sorts of information: technical growing references, manuals, information on varieties and promotional articles. We have listed all the information for you, so you can download it easily with a single click. Below you will find a summary of all available downloads:

Anthurium cut flower 2022/2023
Anthurium pot plant 2022/2023
Phalaenopsis 2022/2023

Anthurium cut flowers assortment – 2023/2024
Anthurium pot plant assortment – 2023/2024
Phalaenopsis pot plant assortment – 2023/2024

Trade Brochure
Anthurium Cut Flower

Cultivation guide
Cultivation guide Anthurium pot plants and Phalaenopsis pot plants

  1. Cultivation guide Phalaenopsis pot plants 

Cultivation guide Anthurium cut flowers
Two cultivation manuals are available for the cultivation of Anthurium cut flowers. This split is made because growing conditions and availability of raw materials and/or supplies can differ. In addition, climate also plays a role. Cultivation in a temperate climate zone requires a different approach than cultivation in a tropical area or a dry desert climate.

  1. Cultivation guide Anthurium cut flowers – general
  2. Cultivation guide Anthurium cut flowers – technical advanced projects

In addition to the cultivation guide, you can contact our account managers for advice on setting up an Anthurium or Phalaenopsis cultivation.

If you need other downloads, please let us know on info@anthura.nl