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  • Positive experiences with leds in Phalaenopsis – winter 2022-2023

    Due to the soaring energy costs that suddenly became a reality last year, many growers decided to invest in LEDs. The vast majority of Phalaenopsis growers use hybrid LEDs and in a few cases grow using (partly) full LED. The lighting season is now coming to an end and the first assessment can be made. »

  • The importance of cyber security in the horticultural sector

    What if your organisation is infiltrated by cybercriminals? That's a question every company should ask itself, according to Patrick Hakvoort, infrastructure manager at Anthura. Hackers look at what data they can use for themselves or how they can take money from a company. »

  • Matata: a small gesture brings great pleasure

    The most recent addition to the 'Small the next BIG thing' segment is Matata®, with a look that brings happiness to a host of consumers. The colour, shape and wealth of flowers are all assets of this little all-rounder. »

  • Looking back on the TPIE and IPM

    January is an important month in terms of trade shows, as that is when the IPM in Essen (Germany) and the TPIE in Florida (USA) take place. We look back on two busy trade fairs with many good talks and interesting visits. »

  • Excellent results for pot Anthuriums at 14°C in the retail phase

    Given the current energy situation, the consumption of heat and electricity in cultivation should be minimized. This offers great opportunities because Anthurium is robust and a survivor by nature. A unique property of Anthurium is that it can be grown in a humid climate combined with moderate temperatures. However, specific conditions must be met. Garden centres are also lowering the temperature to 14-15°C, as a result of the higher energy costs they face. But what effect does that have on pot Anthuriums? »

  • Interview with Gardenkoala from Turkey

    For more than 10 years Anthura works with Gardenkoala, a Turkish production company and grower of many types of pot plants. We spoke to Enes Kahya, manager of Orchid and Anthurium production: "It is a great opportunity to work in a field that I feel passionate about." »

  • Hardy Garden Orchids are a must for each garden lover!

    With spring coming, the season for garden orchids is also approaching! With these hardy garden orchids you can fill your garden with exotic beauties. Meanwhile, garden orchids are available in garden centers and shops and we would like to tell you more about the possibilities to enjoy these gems in the garden... »

  • Delicata: ‘a one-of-a-kind pot Anthurium’

    As distinctly dark as the leaves of Delicata®, there hasn't been one until now. The dark green, almost black leaves of this plant, together with the dark red coloured flowers, create a botanical and 'delicate' look. A graceful and refined plant that fits the current botanical trend.  »

  • Interview with Nara Horticultural Co., Ltd.

    Nara Horticultural Co. Ltd has been Anthura's distributor in South Korea for more than 20 years. They are the market leader in the ornamental plants segment by covering a nationwide distribution channel. Furthermore, they have embarked on on- and offline retail business combined with a bakery café that promotes an atmosphere that enhances the overall customer experience. Time for an interview! »

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