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There is music in Melodia

A true revolution in the world of red Anthurium pot plants. Traditional Anthurium pot plant cultivation focuses on pot sizes of 14 cm and larger. The new variety Melodia® falls into this segment, but apart from this, it stands out in everything else.

The most striking feature is the cup-shaped flowers that rise elegantly and far above the leaves like a harmonious melody. To complete the presentation, the deep red colour of the leaf gives a more than warm look to the flowers. Melodia is the first result of a new segment and other varieties with varying colours will soon be available in this segment.

Leaf quality must be taken into account when growing Melodia, as lack of light may cause the plant to suffer from yellow leaves. This phenomenon then occurs on the lower leaves of the variety. With sufficient light in cultivation, this quality problem can be addressed.

Melodia can be grown from pot size 14 and can also be potted in pot sizes 21 and 24. The result is breathtaking: a beautiful melody of flowers that consumers can enjoy endlessly.