Sales Export

  • Marco Knijnenburg Area Manager

    Italy, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Latin America

  • Kasper Rietvelt Account Manager Anthurium

    USA, Canada, Brasil, Asia and areas in the Pacific Ocean

  • Joost Hendriks Account Manager Orchid

    USA, Canada, Brasil

  • Rick Kroon Commercial Manager
  • Marieke Nijs – van der Hilst Account Manager (office)

    Asia, areas in the Pacific Ocean, North-West Europe, Africa, USA, Canada

  • Lieke Landman Accountmanager Anthurium (office)

    The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland

  • Cilia Wolff Account Manager (office)

    Italy, Spain, Portugal, South and Center America

  • Leonie van Eijk Manager Export Logistics
  • Johan van Vliet Account Manager Orchid

    The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Russia

  • Stefan de Hoog Product specialist
  • Robert Kuijf Product specialist
  • Hans Prins Account Manager Anthurium cut flower

    The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Italy, Portugal and Spain

  • Richard Smit Senior Account Manager Pot Anthurium

    The Netherlands, South Korea, China

  • Siem Kranenburg Account Manager Orchid

    The Netherlands

  • Frank Verhoogt Account Manager Orchid

    The Netherlands

  • Leander Gravesteijn Account Manager Orchid (office)

    The Netherlands

  • Gert Hoogendoorn Account Manager Orchid

    The Netherlands

  • Marco van Herk Board of directors
  • Iwan van der Knaap Board of directors
  • Mark van der Knaap Board of directors
  • De Plantis S.r.l. Distributors


  • Florance Flora Distributors


  • Hakusan Co. Ltd. Distributors


  • Javy Flor Distributors


  • Karis Trading Plants Distributors


  • KMS Japan Distributors


  • Korea

  • Thailand

  • Stigma Distributors


  • TopPlants Distributors


  • Cambodia, Vietnam

  • Yamada Nurseries Inc. Distributors