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Manta Ambon, a Manta pur sang! 

Two years ago, Anthura introduced the first member of the Manta® More series for its Phalaenopsis varieties with a 'big lip’. If you take a closer look at the flower, you can see why this series has been called Manta More. The flower has a unique silhouette that evokes the graceful manta rays! Like these tropical creatures, Manta More orchids are large, voluminous and powerful, yet graceful and elegant. This is how the manta ray moves through the oceans. 

The Manta Ambon variety is Manta More in its purest form: averaging over 30 large round flowers beautifully arranged on two long spikes. With an unprecedented shelf life of no fewer than 20 weeks, consumers can enjoy its grace and elegance for a long time.  

 The names of the Manta More varieties all refer to a tropical island where manta rays are actually found and can be spotted. Manta Ambon is named after the island of Ambon in Indonesia. With its plant height of 60 cm and flower diameter of 9 cm, it combines well with the other Manta More varieties such as Manta Gili, Manta Kalimantan and Manta Mindoro. Anthura will introduce more Manta More varieties in the coming period to expand the colour palette: More to come! 

If you have not yet received the Manta Ambon variety, ask your account manager about its availability and welcome this tropical beauty into your home!