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Anthurinfo from three to ten times a year

In 1993, Anhurinfo literally fell onto our customers’ doorsteps for the first time as a hard-copy magazine. Over the years, it has evolved with the times and its content, appearance, frequency and format have been regularly adapted to the needs and wishes of our customers and other contacts. In 2021, Anthurinfo was published three times as a digital magazine with a variety of articles and sent to thousands of contacts worldwide. 

With the world changing so rapidly, there is a compelling need for up-to-date information. Therefore, from now on, Anthurinfo will be published about 10 times a year, featuring up-to-date news and three or four articles per issue. This allows us to better respond to current events in the floriculture sector as well as developments within our company. 

In this first edition, we introduce the new Phalaenopsis variety, Anthura Modena, along with an update of the renovations of our office, and we have a conversation with our Italian customer Somma Fratelli about their company and the Somma Guiding System for Anthurium cut flowers that they developed. 

Enjoy reading!