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Positive experiences with the Anthura Arndt wick machine

Anthura Arndt started producing Phalaenopsis in trays with wicks in 2021. The first plants were placed in trays with wicks last autumn. The machine started to run and improvements were made over the months. We now have the necessary experience to ensure the optimal results for our customers who grow Phalaenopsis in the future.

Good results and plenty of benefits
In early 2022, the first plugs cultivated with wicks were delivered to our customers. Upon delivery, the wicks are removed from the tray so that growers do not have to bother with removing the plants, and empty trays can be sent for recycling. Meanwhile, after a few months of experience, we are ready to share our first results and draw conclusions. There are not only advantages in the cultivation at Anthura itself, but also for our clients.

Haye:„A change in cultivation method is always exciting. The machine must prove itself and the intended benefits must be achieved. We are therefore pleased with the result and the benefits it offers both us and our customers.”

From the time the wick machine was introduced, it has been practically free of failures. As a result, all the plants that needed to be cultivated in trays entered the greenhouse with a wick from week 34 onwards, ensuring an even and stable transition in cultivation.

More equality and uniformity
In cultivation, the wettest plug in the row now „takes care” of the driest, resulting in faster and more even drying of the plugs. As a result, the plants grow more evenly and the uniformity of the tray increases, making sorting unnecessary. Furthermore, the top of the plug dries faster, keeping it cleaner and giving Fusarium less chance of taking hold, for example. On average, we grow our crops a fraction drier, so that with equal growth the roots are better preserved.

Less loss and moss
The machines perform excellently when removing the soil and we do not notice any additional root damage. Due to the fact that dry, small plugs are greatly reduced, there is less loss at the end of the cultivation process, thus minimizing disturbance and damage. There is also less moss present in the tray.

All in all, this development offers many advantages for you as a customer:

  • More uniform plugs
  • Cleaner plugs
  • Better developed roots
  • More stable quality
  • Fewer dry plugs in the tray

Development and delivery
The development has been a long process and a major investment. Therefore, it has been patented. This month we are delivering the last trays without a wick and then we will have completely finished. All in all, we are very satisfied with this innovative new method and we see even more opportunities to further improve the quality of our Phalaenopsis plugs with this cultivation method.