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Kunming Anthura Open Days a huge success

Kunming Anthura hosted the annual AnthuraNXT Open Days.

At the show greenhouse in Songming, more than 60 commercial pot Anthurium varieties and more than 170 commercial pot Phalaenopsis varieties were displayed and could be admired. In addition to these new varieties, visitors could also check out the different appearances of our products. The year-round presentation of so many varieties is unique in China. This was underlined by the many positive comments from visitors.

New applications
Traditionally, Phalaenopsis plants are often sold with many plants in a large pot, mostly as gifts or to decorate large public spaces. In our show greenhouse, we demonstrate that our varieties can also be used individually.

With its wealth of blooms and multiple branches, a single plant can almost become an arrangement in itself. Although many Phalaenopsis are produced in China, this type of use is relatively new in the Chinese market. Using plants in your own home is still not widespread here, but it is certainly gaining popularity.

Cultivation information
Sharing cultivation information is another important part of our activities in China. This time, the focus was on the use of different substrates in Phalaenopsis cultivation.

Again, there is a big difference between China and Europe, because in China, sphagnum is the most commonly used substrate. Through a video presentation, Menno Gobielje, Phalaenopsis crop specialist at Anthura, explained the different substrates in both plug culture and final pot cultivation.

Successful week
Strict regulations regarding COVID-19 are still in place in China. Mandatory QR codes on phones and a PCR test on arrival in Kunming are part of these. Some cities also impose mandatory home quarantine when returning from another province. Nevertheless, many of our customers and other visitors travelled to Songming from all over the country.

All in all, the event was very successful.