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Anthura’s Crop Optimization Department

The crop optimization department was set up last year and consists of crop specialists Andre Lont (Anthurium) and Menno Gobielje (Orchid), both of whom are experts in this field. André has been involved in this department from the beginning and Menno joined the team in October 2021 and is an old friend, as he worked for horticultural consultancy IMAC from 2005 to 2019.  

The crop optimization department focuses primarily on cultivation techniques throughout the chain. From breeding to lab-based propagation, and from growing young plants to cultivation at customers’ facilities, André and Menno advise clients about growth properties of Anthura varieties and crops. They thus support the account managers in technical cultivation issues and contribute to the exchange of knowledge. Furthermore, they fully map out the variety characteristics of the Anthura assortment, support the Anthura’s production locations, and initiate cultivation research. 

If you need general or more comprehensive advice, please refer to Delphy. With over 250 cultivation experts, Delphy is the leading source of knowledge for entrepreneurs in all plant sectors. Developing knowledge and making it applicable is their main activity, and their specialists contribute to growers’ results with expert and independent research, advice and training. Using modern research facilities, crop modelling and digitization, they aim to develop a knowledge base and make it applicable (source: www.delphy.nl).

Andre Lont & Menno Gobielje