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GenNovation can start filling in ambitions

GenNovation B.V. is pleased with the appointment of Bart Brugmans as R&D-program manager. With the arrival of Bart the next step has been
taken to realize the objectives of GenNovation.

GenNovation is a newly established collaboration between Anthura, Florensis and Gebr. Vletter & Den Haan, three leading companies in floriculture. The collaboration is aimed at the
development and implementation of modern technologies, procedures and tools for the breeding activities.

GenNovation is a platform that supports the exchange of knowledge between the partners and makes use of the facilities of the participating companies. GenNovation carries out projects in cooperation with knowledge institutions and biotechnology companies. The companies aim to achieve synergies with this cooperation.

Bart Brugmans will start as R&D-program manager on the 1st of May and has gained a lot of experience in modern breeding techniques and research in recent years.