Zizou®, our French champion

Zizou® is frivolous and small in stature. This Anthurium plant has purple, ligulate/ribbon-shaped flowers and excels in small pot sizes (7, 9 cm and 12 cm) and can be found in the ‘Small is the next Big thing’ assortment.

Anthurium Zizou
Even if it takes a minimum of 6-8 years before a new cultivar becomes available for growers as starting material, when you look back in time the developments in the different pot sizes are in full swing. In the meantime, Anthura has been actively breeding pot Anthurium for more than a few decades. Many varieties have passed by and the process carries on. At first, breeding was mainly directed at 17 cm and 14 cm pots, but now varieties are being introduced for 9 cm and even 7 cm pots. An example of a variety that manages well in these small pot sizes is Zizou.

As a table Anthurium (three plugs in a tray in a 17 cm pot), Zizou is easy to use. This concept was marketed by Stolk Brothers (NL).

Zizou has an excellent shelf life, is cold tolerant and flowers abundantly. The most visible feature is its deep purple colour, which makes it a pleasure to look at. This leader will be great the coming years.

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