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Update Exclusive Orchids

Exclusive orchids have recently attracted a great deal of interest from consumers. They fit in perfectly with the trend of ‘creating your own jungle’. Exclusive orchids can be seen in various campaigns by retailers and in consumer magazines.

Inspired by the special colours, flower shapes and fragrances of the Exclusive orchids, Anthura has been active in breeding this product group for more than 10 years. The lower energy requirements (the cultivation usually takes place at 21°C-22°C) compared to Phalaenopsis is also a nice bonus in terms of sustainability.

Renaissance® White

Breeding targets
To distinguish themselves from their ‘big brother’ Phalaenopsis, the most important breeding goals for the Exclusive orchids are plants with multiple spikes, a compact plant structure (to ensure enough plants per square metre) and year-round flowering. The inauguration of the research centre two years ago represented an enormous step forward in the programmable flowering of Exclusive orchids.

Renaissance White
Besides the well-known varieties of Barrocco® Red, Renaissance® and Renaissance® Grandeur, newcomer Renaissance® White is also carving out its own place in the market. Renaissance White is a variety that belongs in the basic collection of every Cambria grower: it grows easily, is compact, and can produce one or two spikes from the first shoot. With sufficient cultivation time in 12 cm pots, the number of spikes can increase to 3-4 spikes per plant! With its large creamy white flowers of 8.5 cm, this variety is a real eye-catcher!

Renaissance® White

More Exclusive orchids will become available for testing in the near future. Together with a number of our customers, we are going to market these varieties in a targeted manner. To enhance their market recognition, the Cambria varieties are named after painting styles, for example the Renaissance and Baroque series.

If you would like to receive more information about this product group at Anthura, please contact your account manager or Robert Kuijf, Product Manager Orchids.