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Showroom full with novelties during Flower Trials

From 14 to 17 June 2016 our showroom is filled with new varieties. Our product specialists have selected their favourites; this time we present colourful pot Anthurium, elegant Phalaenopsis and trendy  cut flower Anthurium.     

This year, colourful Anthurium are in the spotlight. Powerful varieties that stand out because of their colour, size and quality have been selected as favourites. Aristo® is a versatile Anthurium with bright red flowers, suitable for several pot sizes. Cirano® features lush, deep purple flowers, an excellent shelf life and is cold tolerant. Colorado® is a new pink Big American with great characteristics.

Anthurium Cirano® ©Anthura


Famous world cities
Our specialisation in Phalaenopsis is renowned worldwide. Our breeding policy is based on strong external and internal qualities. Judge for yourself from the top selection of our prototypes during the Flower Trials: your varieties of the future: Anthura Narbonne, a warm copper-coloured orchid that grows easily and offers excellent uniformity; Anthura Denver is a very productive variety with graceful white flowers with a red lip; and Anthura Brisbane is another productive variety with white flowers and a high percentage of plants with two and three branches.

Anthura is the global market leader in cut Anthurium. This year we are paying special attention to three newcomers: Cantello® and Marea® form a special duo thanks to their ‘botanical’ look; and Milanello®, a trendy purple novelty, has a wonderful colour and the ideal size to turn it into an absolute favourite.

It is simple to register online in advance. Admission is free and we will provide you with a visitor’s badge. Click here to register now!

Opening hours
From Tuesday 14 June till Friday 17 June inclusive. Open daily between 8.00 and 18.00. On Friday open till 16.00.

See you at the Flower Trials, Anthuriumweg 14 in Bleiswijk!

Sneak preview in showroom during Flower Trials 2015