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Pink ladies of the Big American series


The Big American series has expanded with three big stars. These new large-flowered pink varieties are certainly a match for each other, and we introduce all three of them.


Colorado® ©AnthuraMaine® ©Anthura California® ©Anthura

Colorado®                       Maine®                  California®

Growing conditions differ worldwide and the performance of varieties can be related to this. This also applies to these new varieties. Most pink Anthuriums discolour slightly when the twenty-four hour temperatures are high or with excessive light intensity. Colour fading is usually undesirable, but it can also be positive. For instance, when the newly merged colour provides diversity and matches your market and needs better. The pink varieties Colorado, Maine and California differ in hue.

Choice of variety

The colour range of these three varies from the light pink Colorado, the slightly darker Maine to the darkest pink California. To make the right choice of variety, you have to take your own climate conditions into account:
–     California:  suitable for a high 24-hour temperature and a strong light intensity;
–     Maine: suitable for an average temperature and an average light intensity;
–     Colorado:  suitable for a lower than average temperature and a low light intensity.

All these varieties are suitable for the 14 cm pot, but certainly also for the larger 17 cm and 21 cm pots. Compared to the other two, Maine is more resistant to the formation of cuttings, as a result of which it demands slightly more attention during cultivation.

Maine ©Anthura


You can, of course, test all three varieties at the same time in your growing conditions to see the minimal differences. The test numbers will be available soon. Ask our Area Managers for details.

Whatever variety you choose, they are all good pink varieties and one will certainly suit you.

Colorado® product characteristics
Colour: pink
Flower size: extra large
Pot size (cm): 14, 17, 21

Maine® product characteristics
Colour: pink
Flower size: extra large
Pot size (cm): 14, 17, 21

California®product characteristics
Colour: pink
Flower size: extra large
Pot size (cm): 14, 17, 21

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