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Our new show greenhouse inspires the entire chain

Making better choices together
A visit, both physically and digitally, to our regular show greenhouse has not been possible for almost half a year. After its renovation, it is now ready to receive you! During AnthuraNXT we made a digital walk together with our Dutch customers through the beautiful presentation of newcomers, stars and future varieties. We would like to welcome not only our customers, but also their customers, so that we can make optimal choices together.

Would you like a preview? You can watch the video, in which we take a look in the show greenhouse and product managers Robert and Stefan explain why a visit is not only fun and inspiring, but also a must.

From presentation to inspiration
The result is impressive and we have worked hard on this in recent months. If you want to see how this transformation came about, watch the timelapse video here.

Everyone is welcome in our renovated show greenhouse, not only during the FlowerTrials, but every day. If you prefer to pay a digital visit, that is also possible. Make an appointment with your account manager or call +31 10 529 19 19.

Not only the show greenhouse was discussed at AnthuraNXT. Through a virtual walk we also visited our progressive research center and the modern production locations in the Netherlands, Germany and China. It was a unique insight into the developments for the future.