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Mystique, the mysterious newcomer

A mysterious newcomer in the pot Anthurium assortment. This double-coloured pot Anthurium has an appropriate name. The variety has something mysterious about it, and this is mainly thanks to its flowers.

If you observe the plant closely, you will notice that each flower has a different appearance. The colour ratio of each flower is different, as a result of which the dominance of red and white varies. The flowers not only have a red spadix, they are also red veined and seem to have a red blush/lip.

Anthurium Mystique®


Thanks to its double-coloured flowers, there is something different about Mystique® . This pot Anthurium is extremely suitable for 14 and 17 cm pots. The variety is cold tolerant and has a good vase life.

The plant structure is slightly heavy and it is rather a challenge not to make the variety ‘too thick’. Do not space Mystique too soon, as this will be at the expense of the amount of flowers and the flower size.

Production of this new variety has already started and the first test plants are immediately available. Order plants from your sales manager and let us know whether you are as excited about Mystique as we are.

This article is part of the Anthurinfo nr 1 – 2017. Click here to read the complete Anthurinfo.