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Graciosa represents long-term enjoyment of a fresh and stylish flower

The Anthurium cut flower assortment has gained a beautiful white Anthurium. Graciosa® lives up to its name with its lovely, enchanting look. The association with the word gracious is obvious: stylish and graceful. The green and white spadix completes the picture.

Graciosa is large in size and creamy white in colour, and the green tip of the spadix gives it a fresh, clean look. This colour combination has a wide range of applications and the flower can be used for every imaginable occasion.

This newcomer was tested for chain properties and performed well in transport trials. Be careful when harvesting and packing, because white Anthurium cut flowers are generally more fragile than other colours. The good results in our cold tolerance tests make Graciosa especially interesting. Consumers can enjoy it for up to four weeks.

Last but not least, the production figures, with an average of more than 100 units over several years, are excellent. Graciosa is therefore a good addition to the assortment, creating extra choice in the white cut Anthurium colour group.