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Garden Orchid wins Packaging Award

Garden Orchid wins the Packaging Award 2018. The Garden Orchid is wrapped in a beautiful package and is awarded by the packaging industry.

Award winning design

The design is made in a refined herbarium style which illustrates the products perfectly. The logo is sleek and beautifully combined with the illustrated flowers. With the Garden Orchid line, Anthura has introduced an authentic brand that has a great distinctive power in the garden sector. That the packaging of Garden Orchid is beautiful has not gone unnoticed. The Garden Orchid packaging line has won the Packaging Award 2018, in the category non food.

Judgement of the jury:
“The Garden Orchid is sold when it has not opened (up) yet, so the consumer does not know exactly what he buys. This package with its beautiful, colourful and botanical illustrations shows the consumer the beauty of the plants he is going to buy. The design is functional, strong and easy to carry. The communication is clear and it has an attractive logo and typography.”

Together with HLO Creative Design Agency we have introduced a new product category.

New variety Epipactis
With the Garden Orchid, consumers can also enjoy orchids in the garden. These garden orchids are frost-resistant and come back every year. This perennial plant keeps forming new shoots underground, so you can expect more fabulous flowers every year. The assortment consists of five species: Cypripedium, Pleione, Calanthe, Blettila and the recently-launched Epipactis.

Garden Orchid Epipactis

More information about Garden Orchid can be found on the website www.gardenorchid.com.