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GenNovation opens in-house laboratory

With a symbolic cut into its DNA, GenNovation officially opened its new laboratory on March 5. The four partner companies involved Dekker Chrysanten, Florensis and Gebr. Vletter & Den Haan and Anthura are delighted with this next step in the development of their collaboration in new breeding technologies. With this state-of-the-art molecular laboratory, GenNovation will be helping the partner companies to accelerate their breeding operations and develop varieties that can be cultivated more sustainably.

Molecular laboratory
The new laboratory is located in the Wageningen Agro Business Park (The Netherlands), which will be GenNovation’s permanent base from now on. The molecular laboratory will be used for the development and application of DNA markers. With this modern in-house facility, GenNovation will now have more capacity to carry out breeding research on behalf of the partner companies.

Strategic partnership
GenNovation was established in 2017 as a partnership between Dekker Chrysanten, Florensis, Gebr. Vletter & Den Haan and Anthura four leading companies in the ornamental horticulture sector. The aim of this strategic partnership is to develop and implement new breeding technologies. GenNovation is a platform that promotes the exchange of knowledge between the partners.

Caption for photo:

The four partner companies (L to R) Arie Vletter (Gebr. Vletter & Den Haan), Henk Jacobs (Dekker Chrysanten), Mark van der Knaap (Anthura) and Leo Hoogendoorn (Florensis), and symbolically cut the DNA of the GenNovation laboratory.