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Cantello: ‘Dressed to impress’

Fashion and flowers is an increasingly common combination, whether for decorating shows or featuring floral prints on the creations presented.

During the forthcoming fashion week, Cantello® will be in the spotlight. This newcomer has three striking properties. The cherry red colour and the subtle brown veining give this thoroughbred Anthurium a warm appearance. Its shape is very special, because it is just a little different from the well-known flower shapes of anthurium.

The shape reminds of a summer dress lifted up by the wind, with an elegant, wavy movement. The strength of the flower is also visible in the flower shape, stem and shelf life. In short: an excellent quality. This option can easily compete with the standard. An extra asset of the flower is that the solid stem can be harvested during the winter months for extra length.

The shape of the flower and the more upstanding position of the bract make Cantello suitable to sell with extra-long stems in buckets. Florists will not be able to resist the temptation and will want to start working immediately with Cantello. All in all, an interesting variety to add to your assortment.