Anthura Nazare, going with the flow

Anthura Nazare is an exceptional newcomer in the segment of Phalaenopsis pot plants. The typical flowing movement of the branches create a portrayal of freedom and space. 

De Anthura Nazaré in een grote pot in een organisch keukeninterieur.

Much like the coastal town bearing the same name, famous for its impressive waves, the natural shapes of the Nazare make this plant a unique spectacle.

The flower of the Nazare has white as its main colour, with a yellow lip on which small pink details can be found. This combination creates an effortless appearance that is suitable for a broad range of interior styles.

Close-up van de Anthura Nazaré, een ongestokte phalaenopsis die doet denken aan de vrije golven van de zee.

Because the plant is stickless, the flowers flow freely. The carefree visual characteristics of its cascade make the plant a great fit for the current organic style trend.

The Nazare is best grown in pot sizes 9 cm and 12 cm, and it typically has an average of 70 flowers in the 12 cm size. With an average shelf life of 60 days, this stickless orchid represents the first of a new generation of flowing Phalaenopsis.

Foto van de Anthura Nazaré in een organisch interieur.

Similar to how surfers in the Portuguese city of Nazaré move in harmony with nature, the Anthura Nazare is a powerful example of going with the flow.