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Anthura Bologna: irresistible!

Genetic variation within the Phalaenopsis genus is considerable. There is a Phalaenopsis for every consumer, regardless of gender, age and origin. Consequently, competition among the many varieties is fierce. For a breed to stand out above the rest, it must have something that other varieties do not have.

The Anthura Bologna variety boasts a deep orange colour that is unprecedented by Phalaenopsis standards! This shines a spotlight on the Bologna breed and attracts plenty of attention. Walking past the variety without noticing it is impossible: Bologna is simply irresistible!

The variety needs adequate cultivation time for sufficient multi-branching and flowering.  Also, the variety is slow in the finishing phase. The compact upright leaf position, on the other hand, makes it possible to grow additional plants per square metre. The extra effort is ultimately rewarded by a high selling price by variety name, or a higher price for the mix.

When purchasing Bologna, consumers can enjoy over 10 weeks of unprecedented deep orange flowers with a diameter of 8 cm arranged on branches of about 60 cm.

If you have not received the Bologna variety yet, ask your account manager about availability and make sure you get hold of this irresistible Italian beauty!