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Anthura Bolgheri and ‘Small the next BIG thing’ in the spotlight

As a breeder, we are proud of our novelties and toppers and we are happy to show them to you. Because the physical FlowerTrials® 2021 will not take place, a beautiful and interesting alternative has been found: FlowerTrials presents Studio FlowerTrials® live.

Anthura Bolgheri and ‘Small the next BIG thing’ in the spotlight 
The latest developments in pot plant breeding as well as toppers and novelties are discussed here. Robert Kuijf, Product Manager Orchid, will be interviewed by Marit van Bohemen on Wednesday 16 June at 3.39 pm about the fragrant phalaenopsis Anthura Bolgheri and the growing segment of the small pot sizes ‘Small the next BIG thing’.

Watch along!
Would you like to see Robert next Wednesday? Then sign up via https://www.flowertrials.com/en/registration and follow the instructions that lead you to the stream. Till Wednesday!