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Haute couture orchids

Fashion chicks pay attention! Jan Taminiau presents.

Jan Taminiau has already been inspired by orchids for his couture collection. He regards the orchid as a source of inspiration for haute couture and designs beautiful dresses featuring orchid details. This was an initiative of the project group Orchid ‘Art of Life’, the club for pot orchid growers and Dutch breeders.








Personal note from Jan Taminiau:
It is a great privilege and honour to present my collection today.
In July this year, I will be celebrating my tenth anniversary as a designer. After almost ten years of traditional catwalks, I have chosen an intimate salon presentation during which I would like to take you on a journey of discovery. It is a personal trip during which I will tell you about my fascinations, such as my love for craftsmanship, and how I never cease to enjoy how everything comes together in a modern couture collection.

The starting point for this collection is a precious photo, an antique scarf, and an orchid. What inspires me about orchids is their fragile vein pattern, a structure which is reflected in my collection; for example, in the sophisticated embroideries and the craquelé leather of some of the dresses. There are so many different characters, sometimes powerful and exuberant, sometimes delicate and modest, but all of them royal. As you will see, couture is about details.

My world is always a mix of past, present, technique and craftsmanship. I translate all these elements, including my feelings, into shapes and materials. This way, I introduce stratification in the collection, creating a tension between materials; gloss versus matt and hard versus soft.