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Go green with the urban jungle style

Urban jungle and natural shapes, because living green is hip. Orchids and Anthuriums are tropical plants that originate in the jungle. That’s why they are eminently suitable for so-called botanic living.Moodboard botanical

Green is not the only colour that will ‘shine’ in your interiors. Colours like ochre, gold and soft yellow combine extremely well with the different green tones. In an urban jungle, we literally bring nature into our homes.

Must-have accessories
Introduce natural shapes and objects into your interior and don’t forget the most crucial accessories: flowers and plants. We also see natural shapes in botanical prints of nature, pen drawings of plants and flowers and framed leaves or feathers.


Clarinervium and Arrow plants

Source: VT wonen

Source: VT wonen








Decorative objects made from natural materials abound. Think of sisal and coconut-fibre cushions, wallpaper made from raffia and bamboo, and also green tinted bottles of recycled glass match the urban jungle style perfectly.

Just for fun 
Just for the little ones, design studio Ontwerpersduo has designed some small cardboard houses to put plants in.

ontwerpduo-cottage-town-jasmins-house-18x7cm_wonen met lef

Source: Ontwerpersduo


© Lisa Klappe






Interior showpieces
Plants turn into showpieces in your interiors, bringing them to life. Opt for a combination of flowering and green indoor plants and soft yellow cut flowers. The new pot Anthurium Vanilla®, the pot orchid Anthura Ferrara and the cut Anthurium Lemona® are all in a soft yellow colour. Anthuriums and orchids require little care, remain beautiful for a long time and are easy to look after.

Anthurium Vanilla ©Anthura


Lemona® ©Anthura


Anthura Ferrara

Anthura Ferrara