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Bohemian is colourful

A style which can also be applied to flowers and plants. Fashion with cheerful prints and ruffles, in which colourful details catch the eye.

The range of Anthurium flowers with a striped pattern, dark veins and three-coloured variants is extensive and fits well with this style. Orchids with a blush and striped pattern also emphasize the Bohemian summer this year.

Peruzzi®, Singita®, Zafira® and Amigo Improved® are colourful and exuberant Anthurium varieties in full glory. Do you prefer an eye-catching orchid at home? Anthura Barcelona, Anthura Budapest and Anthura Cagliari match perfectly with a Bohemian lifestyle.

Anthura Andorra




Inspiration is hot and this also applies to floral designers and florists throughout the world. We are always looking for the newest trends and we love to combine these with our products.