• Physiological abnormalities

    Growers are increasingly demanding more from their crops: better quality, less labour, more yield. A prerequisite for this is optimum cultivation control. How do plants function and how do they react to changes in environmental factors? »

  • Ornamental value of a 15 cm pot in a 12 cm pot with Anthura Warsaw

    This new Phalaenopsis will undoubtedly claim its own place in the top segment of large-flowered white orchids. »

  • Interview with Inca Orchids, a family business with exclusive Orchids

    Andre and Hans van der Goes tell about their choice for exclusive orchids and the opportunities and challenges they face with their company Inca Orchids. »

  • Joli Pulse makes your hear beat faster

    The outer appearance of the new Joli® Pulse delights many people. There is life in this new variety that gives further colour to the Joli series. »

  • Together we can make a difference

    What do Grand Slam®, Manta® More and Livium® have in common? »

  • The new standard in Phalaenopsis: CupGrade

    CupGrade is the new standard in the production of Phalaenopsis worldwide. Less labour, less transport and less waste... »

  • Refreshing with a playful character: Spirit

    Spirit®, with its eye-catching pink flowers, is both beautiful and striking. »

  • Farao: old beauty in a new jacket

    Living Coral is the Pantone style Colour of the Year. A variety in this on-trend colour has also been added to the assortment for the product group of Anthurium cut flowers. »

  • Amazone Plants is building its future

    Amazone Plants was founded in 2010 by Fred van Zijl and Lex Scheffers, two born entrepreneurs who find it important to have fun in their work. We spoke with Fred and Lex about the expansion of their company and their vision of the future. »

  • Unoform: unity in variety

    The plant material of the pot and cut Anthurium product ranges will change in 2020. This relates to both the plugs and the end products. With the introduction of this new starting material, we offer you an even better quality product. »

  • Aphids

    There are aphids in all kinds of shapes and sizes and they all cause damage to the plant. What can you do about it? »

  • Expansion in the purple colour range of Phalaenopis

    Customers who regularly visit our showroom have already noticed it: there will be a lot of innovations in the purple range of Phalaenopsis! »

  • Impressive, spectacular and powerful Oregon

    The American state of Oregon® is characterized by its enormous versatility of flora and fauna due to its different landscapes. This versatility can be found in the newest variety from the Big American series: Oregon® »

  • Bring the Italian sunshine into your home with Volterra

    Yellow is an important colour in the assortment, despite the fact that it accounts for only five to ten percent of the volume of Phalaenopsis produced. Yellow provides a contrast with other colours and helps to make them stand out. »

  • New Research Centre

    A new, larger laboratory has been built in the Research Centre to test for diseases and pests. he new location is also equipped for the breeding of smaller crops such as exclusive orchids and garden orchids. »

  • FSI, project Chain Transparency

    Sustainability in the horticultural sector is becoming increasingly important. Corporate social responsibility and respect for people and the environment are perhaps the 'licenses to produce' in the future. Anthura therefore joined the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative, or FSI ( at the beginning of 2017. »

  • New Research Centre

    In order to make new varieties more efficient, there is a need for more targeted breeding of sustainable varieties. This is one of the reasons why the Research Centre has been built: the layout and setup have been chosen in such a way that it can be optimally implemented. »

  • Olivius, the Italian star among Anthurium cut flowers

    There are some varieties whose name evokes a colour association and it is immediately clear how the flower can be used in a bouquet. Olivius® is an example of this type of flower. »

  • Reintroduction of Cypripedium calceolus in Switzerland: one year later

    One year after the replanting of Cypripedium calceolus in the Swiss countryside, it was time to see for ourselves how the plants survived. »

  • New experiences and insights in nutrition strategy

    On Friday 24 May, our customers and trading partners were guests at AnthuraNXT. NXT stands for looking forward and progress, the next step. A guided tour of our new Research Centre was followed by an interactive afternoon hosted by Linda Kester. »

  • Winner Horticultural Entrepreneur Award 2019

    Anthura won the Horticultural Entrepreneur Award 2019 in January. According to the jury, the breeding and propagation company of Anthuriums and Orchids has gained a strong international position in an impressive way. Sustainability and good employment practices are high on the agenda. »

  • Interview with Geert van geest, LVG Plants from South Africa

    LVG Plants in South Africa is a customer of Anthura. The owners, who are originally Dutch and have lived almost all their lives in South Africa, have made enormous developments with their company. They are always on the lookout for new opportunities and are not afraid of challenges. »

  • Thrips science

    For many years now, thrips have appeared in Anthurium crops and were often a serious problem. Today, good results are achieved in fighting thrips, particularly through the use of biological agents and natural predators.

    However, it remains a problem and growers are all too often surprised by the increase in thrips, and experience difficulties in effectively controlling their pressure. »

  • Thrips identification card

    Thrips can occur in the cultivation of Anthurium and Phalaenopsis. This card shows the characteristics of a number of thrips and the possible damage symptoms associated with them, supported by pictures. This card is not exhaustive: information can also be obtained on the internet and from suppliers of chemical and biological anti-thrips agents. »

  • Sustainability begins with transparency

    Following the theme of the unraveling of the DNA of Anthurium and Phalaenopsis, we will now discuss the theme of sustainability. »

  • Manta Maóri, the next generation Phalaenopsis

    The word Manta establishes a direct link with the large flat lip of the flower: the silhouette of the lip resembles the large manta rays that swim in the ocean! »

  • Grans Slam: Love, Set & Match

    Love: it is love at first sight with this flower.

    Set: you can create a fresh set of flower arrangements featuring Grand Slam in a bouquet or arrangement.

    Match: its freshness and appearance make Grand Slam the perfect match and an asset to any interior. »

  • A festive conclusion to Anthura's 80th anniversary year

    To conclude our anniversary year, on the evening of Friday, 7 September our doors were open to business associates, employees, family, friends, and neighbours, and we celebrated a wonderful party together! »

  • Anthura Oxford

    A newcomer in the upper segment. »

  • Winner of the Plantum Sustainability Award 2018

    Anthura is committed to biodiversity in Switzerland. »

  • The DNA unraveling of Phalaenopsis and Anthurium!

    By unravelling the DNA, Anthura will be able to breed varieties for its customers in a much faster, better targeted and more sustainable way. »

  • Livium: A real work of art!

    In the coming weeks the sector will have the chance to discover the Anthurium pot plant Livium. »

  • Interview with Rene Hendriks

    Opti-flor orchids bring atmosphere and colour to millions of European living rooms, offices and hotel lobbies. »

  • The influence of pH on cultivation

    Why is the pH so important, and what is its influence on the plant? In this article we will deepen this. Bureau IMAC Bleiswijk. »

  • Saffron

    With the introduction of Anthurium cut flower Saffron®, Xanthu Anthogether is already making a good move to give the colour orange a new impulse. »

  • Review fairs

    IPM & Floradecora / Christmasworld »

  • Undergroundz

    A colourful ‘underground’ Anthurium concept! »

  • Anthura 80 years

    Anthura proudly celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2018 »

  • New Cambria varieties!

    Inspired by the special colours, flower markings and fragrances that are characteristics of Cambria’s. »

  • Interview with Claudia Broch

    Anthurium Ambassador in the Netherlands »

  • A new service from Bureau IMAC

    As a foreign customer, now, you can also come to us for a new remote service called "assistance at a distance" »

  • Impression of the Ride for the Roses

    On 3rd September, the Anthura team participated in the Ride for the Roses »

  • Trade weeks at Anthura

    Intensive contact with customers of the end product ensures better coordination between retail and final customers »