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A journey around the world in flowers

With these very special orchids at home, you no longer have to leave home to imagine yourself abroad. We take you on a journey through the world (or your house), using the most colourful and exotic orchids! We start close to home with Anthura Leeds; a compact plant with large flowers. Where the city of Leeds once grew up with the wool industry, this orchid makes a big impression with its beautiful white (wool) colour. From industrial Leeds we travel on to our next stop in France; Anthura Narbonne is a Mediterranean beauty. The warm, copper-red coloured flowers have a soft pink undertone, with which you bring the French sun into your home. After this we cross the border; the Anthura Monaco variety, like the second smallest country in the world Monaco, is a special appearance in the compact segment. The copper-brownish colour and the rich umbel fit in well in this sophisticated seaside resort. Imagine yourself in the land of the toreadors with our new beauty Altea; Anthura Altea is named after the picturesque white city in Spain. The white flowers, with a subtle pink blush around the white lip, contrast nicely with the dark colour of the branches. We are moving from Spain to Italy. Under the Tuscan sun, the new Phalaenopsis Anthura Volterra produces intense yellow flowers. This beauty has a compact structure, which suits the beautiful picturesque and eponymous Medieval city. Viva Las Vegas! Cross the Pacific for a winner to conquer the world. With its golden flowers and shimmering appearance, Anthura Las Vegas fits perfectly in the famous desert city. Finally, the end destination of this flower trip, with an orchid of such a class that it belongs to our own world heritage: Anthura Morelia. The many, intense purple flowers are temperamentally and abundant. Take in the colours and experience Latin America yourself, with this exotic beauty.