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4 original ways to style an orchid at home

Looking for original ways to style an Orchid at home? We have some nice ideas for that! How about upside down? Or as a cut flower? Read on to get some new inspiration!

Original ways to style an Orchid


It’s a different way of styling an Orchid, but it’s look really nice! Different colours Orchids in different colour pots.

In a planter

Plants are essential for the interior of every home. There are so many types and sizes of planters to decorate your home. Place a number of Orchids in it and voila: a super original way to style an orchid! De bijzondere patronen waar een phalaenopsis in komt

An Orchid as a cut flower

You probably know the orchid as a plant, but did you know they also do well as a cut flower? Some florists sell them, but you can also cut the flowers from a plant yourself. It’s best to wait until the flowers are at their best; usually about two days after they started to bloom. Use a clean knife and cut the flower stem all the way at the bottom; the stem must be as long as possible. Make sure you cut the stem diagonally, because that way it can absorb enough water. Een orchidee als snijbloem gebruiken