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Create a home office you’ll love to work in

More and more people are working from home. Last year it was 13.7% of all working people between 15 and 64 years old. The number of people who sometimes work from home has risen from 7.7% to 9.6% in the last ten years. To be able to work comfortably at home, it’s essential to create a home office you’ll love to work in. Because an inspiring working environment ensures little distraction and a lot of inspiration. In this article our tips!

The basis

The basis for a good home office are a desk, chair and lighting. The latter is important for your concentration and depends on when you work. You can focus well with daylight and white light, but warm light is better if you often work at night. Make sure your desk is not too high for your arms. Office chairs don’t really have to be dull anymore, nowadays they look like dining room chairs! Furthermore, it’s a matter of smart use of space and a smart storage system. Because loose swinging papers, pens and other things aren’t good for your concentration. Zo creëer je een fijne werkplek in huis


It’s scientifically proven that indoor plants have a positive effect on your workplace. They have functional benefits such as noise reduction and decoration, but also intrinsic qualities, that positively influence the health, happiness and even productivity of employees. In addition, some houseplants can neutralize toxins in a natural way. That means cleaner and fresher air in your home office. The anthurium, for example, is very effective at removing formaldehyde. This is a gas that is used in the production of leather, carpets and other products, which is common in many workplaces. You can of course just place a plant on your desk, but also consider a planter, urban jungle corner or a wall full of greenery. You will see, it brightens up your working environment immediately! productiviteit boosten


Make sure that everything in your workplace looks nice, so that you want to use it! Pamper yourself with beautiful notebooks, stationery, wicker baskets for storing things, etc. Do you have an empty wall? Hang catchy quotes, good memories and things that you are proud of. This ensures that your inspiration continues to flow! Zo creëer je een fijne werkplek in huis