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3 things you should not do with an anthurium plant

Usually we provide you with tips on things you should to keep your plants alive. But it’s also useful to know which things you should not do. Because if you do things that don’t help your plant, your plant won’t grow anyway. We recently shared 5 things that you should not do with an orchid, and in this article you will find 3 things that you should not do with an anthurium.

Placing it in direct sunlight

Throwing it away

Do not throw away an anthurium plant after its flowers have gone, but wait patiently. With proper care and regular fertilization, the anthurium will produce new flowers. Usually there is a cycle of three months of flowering, a few months without, and then three months of flowering again. Isn’t your anthurium producing new flowers? Then you can help your plant a bit, by giving it only a little bit of water for six weeks to two months. After that period you start giving it more water and starting with plant food again. Preferably do this in spring, so that the anthurium can blossom nicely when the sun shines. This generally ensures that the anthurium will bloom again.

Giving it too much water

If you give your anthurium plant too much water, the roots can rot. Root rot is caused by stagnant water. Pay attention to how much water you’re giving your plant. Only water it when the potting soil feels rather dry, and use well-drained potting soil.