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Growing manuals Phalaenopsis and Anthurium available

As a breeder we put a lof of effort in making better and more beautiful varieties every day. Our growers can cultivate these varieties in order to subsequently find their way to consumers all over the world.  When growing Phalaenopsis or Anthurium pot plants as well as Anthurium cut flowers, all kind of things enter into this.

The growing manuals Phalaenopsis pot plants, Anthurium pot plants and  Anthurium cut flowers give you a brief insight what should be taken into account when growing these product groups as well as which demands and requirements should be met. Themes such as growing, watering, cultivation time, fertilization, temperature and pests and diseases come up.

On the page downloads on our website these growing manuals can be found!

This brief reference book has come about in cooperation with Bureau IMAC. If you have any questions or would like to receive  additional information or specific growing advice, you can contact Bureau IMAC.