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Licensed growers

Anthura varieties are grown almost anywhere in the world. The selling of finished products is registered and therefore restricted to official suppliers/sellers/growers.

Anthura products
Anthura can assure you the legality of Anthura varieties, as the varieties of Anthura B.V. are protected by Plant Breeders Rights and/or U.S. Patents. We recommend that you purchase your Anthura products from Anthura authorized growers who are required to meet our legal standards. Please look for the supply of Anthura growers in our special ‘Where to buy’ list to ensure the integrity of your purchase.

Anthura aims to support the business contact between our licensed growers worldwide and trading companies/retailers. To ensure retailers they buy legal and official Anthura products; we provide retailers information about where to buy our varieties.

Where to buy Anthura varieties?
On the Where to buy list only licensed growers are listed, they are allowed to grow and sell finished products of the Anthura varieties grown in accordance with our terms and conditions. For the growth of these Anthura products royalties have been paid to Anthura B.V. accordingly.

More information
Should you have any doubts regarding the legality of a finished Anthura product (for example if a grower is not mentioned on the list), please contact our sales managers responsible for the region  applicable. For any other information please do not hesitate to contact Anthura.

Please select the product category of your choice below and select the requested country or region.