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Very contemporary retro lifestyle

The typical styles of the 50s, 60s and 70s are already making their presence felt in the current fashion scene and are gradually conquering the residential sector again. Warm colours and surprising materials are popular again and interior imperfection provides the new perfect picture.

Retro styles from the last century
Various retro styles from the last century are returning to the residential sector. What really counts is mixing together cultures with different styles and blending the influences of the past and present!

Retro lifestyle is characterised by an intimate and cosy atmosphere and warm colour shades are becoming increasingly dominant. Colours such as dark purple, olive green, gold and indigo blue fit in perfectly with a modern retro interior.

What is the difference between vintage and retro?
The difference between vintage and retro is that you can find vintage items in the attic, second-hand shops and flea markets. Retro items are often (almost) new items that are also available in modern shops. In short, retro can look old, while offering modern levels of quality, robustness and comfort.

The art of imperfection
Surprising opposites in interior decor create unique combinations. Raw materials and sturdy textures for floors, walls and furniture, such as burnt wood and metal, reveal imperfection and character. This is combined with richly soft accessories, including velvet cushions and plaids. The retro lifestyle of the 1950s makes furniture look less colossal and creates an open and transparent interior.

Overall, the colour combinations are becoming more exciting and more daring. The sturdier (indigo) blue colour as a back wall combines well with all kinds of accessories in colours such as (olive) green and yellow ochre. Thanks to the warm glow of yellow ochre, the retro interior gets a renewed boost. In the 60s and 70s the colour yellow was in widespread use.

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Retro style lighting
If you are not a fan of bright colours, pastel colours are also a nice addition to your retro interior design. Purple accessories are perfectly appropriate for implementing the tone on tone of your interior. You can keep the style well-balanced by using fewer but more eye-catching accessories. For example, combine purple flowers and plants with pots and vases made with different materials.
                                                                                                                                                                               Previa                                        Barrocco Red  


In short, you create the ambience of a typically retro interior according to the furniture, accessories and colours you use. It is precisely the combination of new and old that makes your interior special and completely contemporary!