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Bring a touch of authentic Italian life into your home with Bolgheri

Our show greenhouse displays a wide range of colours, patterns and shapes of Phalaenopsis and Anthurium. If a variety is to stand out above the others, it must have something extra, the so-called wow factor or 'stopping power’. Variety 107949 definitely has the wow factor! Almost all visitors to the show greenhouse noticed this breed in the show greenhouse. The combination of a slightly sweet fragrance, waxy orange flowers and a long vase life of over 20 weeks can only be described as unique! In addition, compared to other fragrant varieties it is a good grower and very productive in terms of the number of branches and flowers.

A special variety also needs a special name: Anthura Bolgheri. This variety is named after a beautiful place in Italy: Bolgheri. Bolgheri is known for its great wines, long avenue of cypress trees and the exclusive perfume brand „Acqua di Bolgheri”. It’s hardly surprising that the fragrant Phalaenopsis Bolgheri is named after a town famous for its perfume.

The Anthura Bolgheri variety can be grown in 9 cm and 12 cm pots, reaching a height of 45 cm and 50 cm respectively. The flower diameter is on average 6 cm. We strongly recommend that this variety is not packed and delivered until after 12:00 noon. If the malate acid is insufficiently broken down and converted into assimilates under the influence of light, this can lead to the snapping of cells in the leaf. This only becomes visible later in the chain. This can be easily prevented by packing and delivering the plants only after noon.

The new Bolgheri variety brings a touch of authentic Italian life into your home: the variety smells slightly sweet when the sun shines on it, has a warm orange colour and abundant branches.

If you are interested in the Bolgheri variety, please contact your account manager.