Anthura Sevilla embraces, enchants and seduces

The Anthura Sevilla variety is named after one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and this splendid Phalaenopsis pot plant is most certainly beautiful. The special floral design embraces, enchants and seduces; Sevilla lives up to its name. It is a real eye-catcher that has immediately claimed its rightful place in the range. With flowers of over 9 cm and a plant height of 65 cm, this is a very popular size that appeals to a large target market. 

Sevilla is vigorous, grows in a nice, compact shape, and produces plenty of flowers. To produce two branches, this plant requires sufficient growing time and is therefore more suitable for the higher quality segment than retail. The variety responds well to a blossom treatment. This plant, with lilac-coloured, mottled flowers and a purple lip, easily produces side branches, as a result of which the number of flowers on a plant can amount to over thirty! For a specialty, that is pretty unique. Add to that a shelf life of 17 weeks on average and the consumer gets real value for money. 

If you haven’t received Sevilla yet, ask your account manager about availability and bring this Spanish beauty into your home!