Anthura Modena raises the standard for yellow flowers with a red lip

Modena is known for being a major car manufacturing hub. Many famous Italian brands are associated with Modena, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. Among other things, it is the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari car brand. One of the biggest tourist attractions is the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

The cultivation of Phalaenopsis bears many comparisons with motor racing. In addition to a car (read greenhouse) equipped with the latest technology and high reliability, the driver (read grower) must constantly adapt to changing conditions on the road (climate). Braking too early or too late (cooling/blossom treatment) can have a major impact on the end result. Keeping a grip on the road (cultivation) and not losing control is the key to success.

The design and development (breeding) of a new model of sports car (variety) is therefore a process lasting many years and involving an extensive test programme. One model was still missing in Anthura’s collection: a yellow variety with a red lip, with good driving (cultivation) properties and sufficient action radius (branches and flowers).

Anthura is proud to present the Anthura Modena variety to the general public. This variety has a nice plant structure and produces plenty of flowers and branches, with a high percentage producing three branches. Suitable for both retail and wholesale, its long shelf life also makes it a rewarding plant for the consumer. The Modena variety raises the standard for yellow flowers with a red lip again.

If you have no (driving) experience with this novelty, book a test drive (test delivery) with your account manager so its colour and performance can convince you!