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Black and white graphic design

Geometric prints are everywhere at the moment. This typical design style is usually seen as an eclectic mix of modern, vintage and industrial styles.

Moodboard graphic

Elegant minimalistic forms are combined with different black and white figures. But geometry isn’t found only in printed patterns; it can be seen in furniture, architecture and nature too.

_DSC5652   _DSC5657

A graphic style, often used for the more industrial designs. The combination of black, white and warm wooden tones creates a refreshingly different interior. But be careful: don’t use too many different patterns as they all fight for attention; it is all about balance.

We love this retro look-a-like style; it takes us back to the late ’50s and ‘60s. The use of graphics screams for strong colours. The range of Anthurium offers many strong-coloured varieties; they are great as a style icon in your living room or office.

graphic design interior

Source: prints home by interior stylist Susanna Vento

Anthurium and orchid as style icons
Pick your Anthurium: Solara® vivid orange, Aristo® bright red and Midori® fresh green.
For orchid fans we suggest Anthura Ferrara, a sunshine yellow plant and/or Anthura Beaumont, a lilac flowered variety with highlighted orange lips.

Midori® Improved ©Anthura

Midori® Improved